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Braunfels - committed to international understanding.
Not only the closer home is in the eyes of the city of Braunfels, but rather we are also committed to the idea of ​​international understanding. To this end, the confusion with seven partner cities is an eloquent testimony.
Town partnerships have a long lasting tradition in Braunfels, as the first official partnership with the French town of Bagnols sur Ceze was closed in 1959. It was the intention of all politicians in Braunfels to promote the city partnerships beyond the official relations and to expand them, especially from the town hall to the population. This idea led to the founding of an association in 1968, the partnership ring of Braunfels eV This was the way for the positive shaping of international contacts.
To this day, the Partnership Ring Braunfels eV supports the city partnerships through numerous activities and relationships on many levels. For more information on the Braunfels Association, click here.
Braunfels has a town partnership withBagnols sur Ceze(France), Eeklo(Belgium), Feltre(Italy), Kiskunfélegyháza (Hungary), New Braunfels(Texas),Newbury / Berkshire(England) and Rohrmoos-Untertal (Austria).
The commitment of the Braunfelser population to the European idea was honored by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg not only with various honors, but especially the highest distinction: already in 1981 our city was awarded the Europapreis for its extraordinary achievements in the service of Europe.
On the following pages you will find out more about our partner cities, whose confusion has often been decades back. You will see: Braunfels has friends in (almost) all over the world!

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